(MUST SEE VIDEO BEFORE YOU #VoteAugust2nd) Missouri Senator Bill White essentially gave the middle finger to the ‘Will of the Missouri Voters’ last week at the SW MO Conservative meeting, as he publicly justified his overriding conservative Missouri Voters who had previously voted against raising tax on gas… THEN HE VOTED FOR IT, OVERRIDING THE VOTERS… and THEN slammed anyone who dared question his overriding the voter! I was thoroughly sickened by his actions, his condescending demeanor, and his arrogant and anti-democratic words! HE IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

For this reason, as well as countless other anti-Conservative actions he has made, I am supporting Jill Carter (Jill for Senate #32)! After getting to know her well, I am fully confident that she will return not only conservatism to Jefferson City, but fiscal conservatism, and she will stand up for our children, our communities, and she will adamantly defend the Christian Conservative values that we so fondly cherish througout SW Missouri!

Therefore… Jill Carter is right… as it is time to do Republican better!


Bill White justifying his decision to go against the ‘Will of the American People’ to raise gas taxes AFTER THEY VOTED AGAINST IT!

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