At Monday night’s Joplin City Council meeting, it appears that our city government is beginning to listen to the citizens, and look towards the implementation of possible solutions, or at least major steps towards rectifying the Police and Fire Department’s public safety crisis!

Although at this point it is only words, and our Police, Fire, and taxpayers need more than that… they need action, it is promising to hear them address those concerns, and we know that those fixes will take some time, hard work, and sacrifices!

I was also thrilled to see a number of our fellow citizens taking a keen interest in city government, and wanting to help make a difference in fixing these issues! I encourage you to watch the presentation, join future Council meetings, and watch the remainder of Monday’s budget talks can be found here…

Also, I plan next month to be addressing the questions posed to me by Councilman Cortez, and Shaw, about their concerns about audits, and citizen-based prioritized cut-backs that will have to be made in the coming months to ensure our Police and Fire are fully funded!