By: Brian Evans

Trying to find out what is on your November Midterm Election ballot?

The SW MO Republican Headquarters at 2715 E 32nd St Suite #2 in Joplin has sample ballots, information on the initiative petitions, yard signs, and much more!

This is a critical election if you are wanting to restore border security to our nation, and if you are wanting to regain energy independence and lower gas prices! It is critical if you want to restore law and order for our cities by fully funding our Police, and show our law enforcement that the people of this great nation truly do ‘Back our Blue’…which will ultimately reduce crime, and make our cities, states, and nation safer for our families! 

This is a important election if we want to regain respect in the world and restore America First policies that promote American small businesses, put the American workers first, our American citizens first, and our American economy first!

We must stand up and fight for leaders that will put ‘We the People’ back in the driver’s seat of this nation, or this great American dream that we have had the distinct privilege and opportunity to live in, will wither and die, hurting those who we claim to be fighting for… our children, leaving them with a legacy of nothing but broken dreams!

If you think that your vote doesn’t matter or won’t count, just ask yourself this… In ten or twenty years, will you be able to look into the faces of your children or your grandchildren and explain why you simply threw your hands into the air, gave up, and refused to fight for them… fight for their future? 

It is a question that I have to ask myself each and every day when I wake up, frustrated at the ‘State of our Union,’ because even though I wake up mentally and physically tired and many times utterly exhausted from work and the stresses of tirelessly fighting for our city, state, and nation… I am reminded of and fueled by the realization of what I am truly fighting for. As a parent, and one day as a grandparent (which we won’t talk about yet) I know that my time on God’s green earth is short, but I want my kids to have the same opportunities, and the same freedoms that I have been blessed with, so that they can have the same opportunity to carve out a future for themselves! 

Therefore, for these reasons I will continue to fight to the bitter end for my children’s future… regardless of criticisms, and despite the many set-backs that we unfortunately see throughout our nation! After all, the future of our children, our family, and our nation each depend on it.