By: Brian Evans

After 50 years of Kansas City Royals playing at Kansas City’s famed Kauffman Stadium , also known as the “K”, the Royals owner announced that change is coming to Kansas City, and that change involves the abandoning of the “K” currently located in Independence, Missouri for a brand new stadium near downtown Kansas City!

Sadly, between 2007 and 2009, the taxpayers forked out $250 Million for massive renovations to Kauffman Stadium, which included updates and upgrades in fan amenities, a new Royals hall of fame area, and other updates throughout the facility.

Now, in an open letter, principal owner John Sherman said that Kauffman Stadium needed even more renovations, including an extensive face-lift to make it look more modern, which he said would cost much more than building a new ballpark, which they now say will cost $2 BILLION, a massive burden to the taxpayers!

The new project that the owner is wanting would be the most expensive private-public development project in the city’s history.

Top that $2 BILLION, which is of itself a want for the owner, and not a need, as Kauffman is said to be structurally sound, and it is clearly an incredibly beautiful stadium! Additionally, the Missouri State taxpayers already pay out approximately $3 Million per team, each year to sports teams, including the Kansas City Royals!

The State of Kansas has been allegedly fighting for this move as well, as it would cost their taxpayers nothing, but would shift a larger percentage of revenues from Missouri businesses to Kansas businesses, as it moves the stadium within ¼ mile of their border… a move that forces Missouri small businesses to pay for a MLB team, which would in-turn bring business to their out-of-state competition… who pay nothing for the stadium! A massive win for Kansas, but terrible move for Missouri taxpayers and businesses!

Sadly, this also comes at a time when Missouri taxpayers and small businesses are strained with government induced and massive inflationary burdens, which is the most burdensome tax on our most vulnerable of residents! Furthermore, these are the same residents who these multi-million dollar taxes hit the hardest, as our government forces residents and businesses to pay for these extravagant ‘WANTS’, rather than ‘NEEDS’! A move that increases the cost of goods even more! Meanwhile, these very same cash-strapped citizens who are forced to pay for these stadiums, are also the same citizens who cannot afford, or can barely afford to attend the Royals games! Heck, some are struggling to pay their food bills, as well as heating and cooling bills!

The time is long overdue for #Missouri, and #kansascity residents to put the interests of our citizens and local small businesses as a priority, rather than making them a forethought! Missouri government needs to stand up for ‘We the People’ by standing up to these multi-millionaire and billionaire Elites who expect the taxpayers to supplement their success… a luxury that the local small business owners, such as those in #IndependenceMo don’t have! After all, when their shops and store-fronts don’t look state-of-the-art, they are not afforded the luxury that these millionaires do, to force the taxpayers to supplement their cost of renovations or operations!