1. Unconstitutional mandates that seek to put political agendas and authoritarian power over individual liberties and self-directed medical decisions.
  2. Forced closings of businesses, especially when it involves targeted closings of small businesses while leaving corporate businesses open. These unconstitutional policies redirect small business income to large global multi-national, multi-million dollar corporations located in other cities, states, and nations
  3. Taking federal or state funds that have strings attached, resulting in the surrender of local power to federal or state government agencies and bureaucrats.
  4. Mass firing of the working class workers, while exempting illegal aliens and/or the unemployed, which leads to growing exponentially the unemployed citizens in American, it leads to businesses having trouble staffing, and ultimately a growing dependent class and a shrinking middle class.
  5. Illegal immigration which bipasses the proper and legal immigration channels.
  6. Trampling of individual liberties by the powerful and wealthy elitist class of authoritarians in Washington D.C. and across the nation.