• FULL FUNDING and SUPPORT for Joplin Police, Fire, and Emergency Services.
  • Street lights in low-lit, high crime areas to help deter both violent crimes, and property crimes.
  • Look into the feasability of digital speed signs in high-risk neighborhoods to protect our children.


  • Small businesses should have more of a voice in Joplin’s vision and future.
  • Creation of Joplin Business Delegation composed of small locally owned and corporate businesses to brainstorm and streamline the best ways to promote Joplins business growth and needs. It should be composed of all sectors of business to gain full understanding of the needs, concerns, and impact of those policies on ALL BUSINESSES, INCLUDING LOCALLY OWNED SMALL BUSINESS! It should be implemented through in person and/or online meetings to allow larger participation throughout the business and working community.
  • Prioritize local small businesses staffing shortages to find ways to help citizens get back to work and businesses to staff their establishments.
  • Streamline business permit, licensing, and inspection processes to make it easier for start up businesses to get launched and off the ground.
  • Improved technology capabilities such as broadband, so our community is able to support not only business needs, but keep up with the growing communities needs as a whole.
  • Create an online and pamphlet directory of local businesses, products, and services available locally to encourage local shopping, and create business and job growth in Joplin.
  • Never shut down locally owned small businesses, while allowing corporate stores to remain open!
  • Never put burdens on businesses like mask mandates that pit business owners against their customers, costing them clientelle; therefore, financially and wrongfully burdening them.

Constitutional Liberty:

  • Defending citizens constitutional liberties such as: Freedom of speech, of the press, the right to bear arms, of religion, assembly, and to not be discriminated against because of race, religion, political ideology, or any other factors.
  • Treating ALL CITIZENS AS ESSENTIAL, rather than elevating one group, race, religion, or other identity with personal favor or status. 
  • Treating frontline doctors, nurses, and critical infrastructure jobs with the respect they deserve by not firing them when their personal or religious beliefs interfere with government or corporate political agendas.
  • Protect American jobs including doctors, nurses, first responders, and other skilled workers who are being unconstitutionally targeted for termination!
  • Medical privacy for EVERY AMERICAN!
  • Family / self-directed medical decisions (not state, federal, or hospital directed)

Giving More of a Voice to The People:

  • Garner input from all areas and levels of our community to create policy, rather than just those who have political, financial, or economic clout.
  • Work with faith-based and other organizations to help the homeless, while simultaneously finding solutions to help them re-incorporate into society including drug treatment and on-the-job training and apprenticeships.