By: Brian Evans

Fathers Day is a long-time tradition of celebrating and honoring men who are fathers. It was created to honor fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers on the family, and in society. In fact, in Europe, it has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. Although the significance and importance of Fathers day has remained, the role of the man has been redefined, diminished, ridiculed, and demoralized by the new Democrat Party, Progressive left, Mainstream Media, and the so-called Feminists as insignificant, as the declare that it should be thrown away like an old pair of socks. For example, just a few articles written this year by the Progressive left includes…

Even the World Health Organization categorized masculinity as a problem. In fact…

“In 2000, the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged the need to pay greater attention to the shorter life expectancy of men and identified a lack of understanding of the role of ‘masculinity’ in shaping men’s expectations and behaviours as a primary causative factor for the health disparity between men and women” (Evans, Frank, Oliffe and Gregory, 2011).

Then there is the educational system, which has taken it upon itself to train boys, how not to  be men. They demonize all men and masculinity as corrupt, sick, and diseased. They paint masculinity with a broad brush, and try to so-called re-educate boys and men to be more feminine. For example Brown University wrote in ‘Unlearning Toxic Maculinity’...

“the way that young men are conditioned to view sex and their need to be dominant and have power over others also contribute to instances of sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence on college campuses.”

Brown University Health Promotion

However, over the past 20 or more years, as college campuses and changing societal norms have demonized and destroyed ‘masculinity, while ‘feminized’ men, campus rape has hit an all time high. New data suggests that de-masculization of men has had the opposite effect on sexual assaults and rape on college campuses. They found that sexual assault skyrocketed in numbers in concert with the de-masculinization of male students:

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 9.07.23 AM

So just how do college’s try to demasculinize male students. College’s like Brown University have the male students take classes like…

  • Masculinity101- a weekly discussion group for students to unpack and unlearn toxic masculine norms
  • The Masculinity Storybook- a biannual publication of personal stories about struggles and triumphs related to toxic masculinity
  • Conversations on Masculinity – a video compliation of interviews with students about masculinity

The de-masculinization of men started with the Progressive takeover of the women’s liberation or feminist movement, which started as a conservative movement during the late 60’s. Conservatives helped women to pursue a broad range of job opportunities and better educational opportunities, but it was eventually taken over by the Progressive left to slowly infect America’s culture with anti-masculine, anti-capitalism, and anti-white culture. It came at a steep price, and that price was at the cost to the family unit.  The feminist movement of today, which has little to do with a woman’s rights, and more to do with the extreme left-wing socialist or communist movement.

After the 1960’s, the idea of the man being the breadwinner for the family changed. Additionally, during the subsequent 50 years, the idea of a one-income home began to fade out of existence, until the two-income home became nearly a requirement for basic survival. Families found themselves having to rely on  nannies, daycare services, or schools to raise their children, simply because they had to have both parents working to survive. Now, in the Biden/Democratic Party Economy, that burden has mushroomed, making even two incomes difficult for survival!

In addition, the divorce rate began to rise, due to the new Progressive societal norms, which made the concept not only acceptable, but standard. Children as a result began to be split between homes, and the family unit began to find it difficult to remember what it means to be a good and responsible parent, and ‘fatherhood’ and ‘motherhood’ roles began to become nearly indistinguishable.

In 1993, Time Magazine released an article titled…

“More children will go to sleep tonight in a fatherless home than ever in the nation’s history.”

Time Magazine

It exposed how the fathers were disappearing from the family unit, and children were being ripped away from, abandoned, or developing estranged relationships with their dads. It detailed how the lack of ‘fathers’ from the family unit was leading to crime, drug abuse, school failure, depression, and other issues that was straining the children’s ability to grow up and become fully functioning members of society. Also, a shift that continues to become more problematic and evident with each subsequent generation.

Society has morphed into a culture that doesn’t trust, nor does it want men to be parents. Meanwhile, Progressives not only encourage, but normalize the demonization of the male figure, claiming that they are not needed to have a child. Interestingly, the  Journal of Child and Family Studies did a research study that suggested society has made it apparent that fatherhood is not required to raise a child, and tried to re-define manhood. As a result, men have lost confidence in their own ability to not only raise a child, but be a good husband and spouse. Consequently, the divorce rate continues to climb, childhood behavioral norms continue to devolve, and the true American family continues to become a historical artifact.

Unfortunately, the demonization of masculinity continues to pervade American society as the Mainstream Media and Hollywood try to paint ‘manliness’ as a disease.

Today we see men who shave their bodies, act more feminine, laugh at other men who put their family as a priority over hanging out with ‘bros’ or mistresses, and stereotype them as ‘whipped’. The role of the man has devolved from what God intended, to an abomination of sorts. Men are being encouraged to be less like men, and children and even women are now paying a very steep price.

Now, our young men of today, and tomorrow are being taught by their Progressive Universities, Mainstream Media, and other Progressive-Left wing institutions that being manly is wrong. They are taught that fatherhood is like an appendix. They claim that it is an appendage that is unnecessary, and can be easily removed, thereby ignoring the disasterous consequences for the mother, child, family unit, and for society as a whole!

Fortunately, many in America are beginning to turn against the ‘Progressive’ push for demonizing masculinity. For the good of not only men, but women, and our children, we must stand up to the ridiculous notion that men are inherently evil. Men should be able to speak out with reasonable authority. Not with arrogance, or cockiness, but confidence and  care. Men should stand up for women. Men who show women respect, and speak for true equality! After all, if a man puts down women for his own ego, or for any reason, he is not being manly, but instead egotistically self-absorbed and insecure.

Yes, Progressives have pushed for a Godless future, and given the world false promises of hope. They have given women the false promises of equality. But instead, Progressive’s have given families heartache. They have given children broken homes. They have helped cultivate violence, anger, and psychological problems. They have given women solitude and strife. They have given our civilization abortion-on-demand, prevalent drug abuse, loneliness, suicide, and death. That is because the Progressive model for our future uses seriously flawed reasoning,, which has led American’s away from the idea that families need a mother and a father.

Interestingly, Democrats not only claim to fight for women’s rights, but they simultaneously attack women and young girls rights by putting men who claim to be women over females themselves, and then they demonize any man or women who refuses to subscribe to and accept their ideological poison. They attack conservative women as traitors to their own kind. They attack Christians, because God’s principles violates their socialist and communist goals and aspirations that puts Government before God.

It is the real man who fights against their perverse vision of society. A real man fights for ‘real’ women’s rights, for their daughters future, and they fight for the preservation of God’s vision and prophecy. They fight to protect our right to bear arms, so that we can protect those whom we care about. They fight for everyone’s right to ‘free speech’. They fight for their family, and they fight to defend God and his word.

We see the Demcorats Progressive #MeToo movement coalesce around something so troubling like sexual assault and abuse, but that is not truly what it is about. It is a means to an end, that puts their own power above the peope!

We see Democrats utilizing sex as a weapon against all who oppose their agenda, while protecting sexual predators who follow their ‘Progressive’ ideology. In the end, all the Democrats #MeToo movement has done is weaken the defense of so many women who have been truly abused. That in and of itself, is criminal, and the Progressive Socialist #MeToo movement should be ashamed. But it goes well beyond that! The same movement that gave birth to the #MeToo movement has created a generation of boys who don’t know what it means to be a real man. They don’t know how to grow up and be fathers. They confuse promiscuity and fornication with manliness, instead of the idea of a man should respect and honor women. They should cherish and honor their spouse!

Unfortunately, today boys look up to Elitist sports stars, Hollywood stars, and Democrat Progressive feminists who demonize marriage, demoralize men, and denigrate all who oppose their twisted philosophy. In truth, destroying and smashing ideals will not improve men, but instead destroys families. It destroys character, and the idea of men being gentlemen.

This fathers day, men should raise their heads up high, and be proud of their manliness. They should spend time with their families, and show their wives, mothers, and all women the respect that ‘God’ intended for them to show towards women. Men should be unafraid to show their boys how to be real men, and show their daughters how men should respect them, honor them, and threat them like ladies, and the incredible gift that they truly are. It is our duty to not only be men, but to ‘man up’, and be role models for children, and protectors of our wives, daughters, and the family. After all, the only thing ‘toxic’ in masculinity, is the lack thereof.