What is your United Missouri Representative and Senator’s  Voting Record? How Conservative are they?


What is your United States Representative and Senator’s  Voting Record? How Conservative are they?


Here is the conservative voting record percentages we found for those running for re-election on the August 2nd Primary:

Those with the most conservative voting record include:

1. US Senator : Eric Schmitt with Billy Long in a close second.

2. Missouri State Auditor: Scott Fitzpatrick

3. US Representative (7th District): Eric Burlison

4. Missouri State Representative (32nd District): See below

I will be supporting Jill Carter due to Incumbent Bill White’s voting record showing he was only voting Conservative 73% of the time in 2021, and 78% Conservative Lifetime rating!


After Missouri voters rejected a gas tax, he chose to override the ‘Will of the People’ and their vote by voting to override their voice and implement a massive gas tax. At last weeks SW MO Conservative meeting he tried to justify it by saying it was only 2 cents per gallon, and equated it to the cost of a big mac. However, it is actually 2.5 cents THIS YEAR ALONE… and rises each year substantially on Missoui voters:                                       

2.5 cent increase in 2022… then 5 cent increase in 2023… then 7.5 cent increase in 2024… then 10 cent increase in 2025… AND THEN… 12.5 cent increase PER GALLON in 2026 and each year after. THAT IS A FAR CRY ABOVE A MERE 2 CENTS THAT HE KEEPS CLAIMING TO THE VOTERS!

He also claims that residents can file for a refund at the end of the year, but it is an arduous and time consuming process that he even admits will lead to 80% of our residents having to pay the tax! Even more concerning, this will have massive implications on our lower income residents, and our elderly and disabled who are on fixed incomes!

In addition, Senator Bill White was stripped of the ‘Missouri Right to Life’ endorsement, which was thus given to his opponent… Jill Carter, who after getting to know her well… is VERY CONSERVATIVE and ADAMANTLY PRO-LIFE! 

In fact, Jill Carter is… Pro-Fiscal Responsibility… Pro-Life and has been fighting for our babies right to life… Pro-Education (and has spent 11 years driving to Jefferson City on her own dime to fight against CRT, and against indoctrination of WOKE policies in schools, and so much more!

Here is another Conservative Scorecard that shows how often Senator Bill White votes with the liberal Democrats on agenda items! Even more concerning… at the SW MO Conservative meeting last week, Senator White called the Republicans at the top of the scorecard OBSTRUCTIONIST… WHY??? Because they always or almost always vote conservative, and stick to their promises to the voters, and with their conservative values!

Missouri Conservative Scorecard

Therefore, because I am tired of politicians who campaign as strong conservatives, but represent us as luke warm to cold conservatives… I have decided to support Jill Carter for Missouri Senate, as I am confident that she will not only be a strong voice for Conservatives in Jefferson City… but she will be Conservative in action as well!

In addition, Jasper County Collector and Auditor will be on ballot as well…

Back of Sample Ballot

Although Jasper County Auditor doesn’t have a voting record, I can say that the incumbent Auditor Sarah Hoover was elected into a complete mess, and turned the county around, finally achieving a clean bill of health from the State of Missouri

Since winning her election almost 4 years ago, Sarah Hoover for Jasper County Auditor has been a solid ally in cleaning up Jasper County, a true leader in combatting wasteful government spending, and helped to usher in an era of fiscal responsibility for Jasper County!

In fact, the outcome of the latest audit revealed that our county finally received a “clean bill of health”, and it was much as a result of her incredible leadership.

For these reasons, I have decided to throw my full support behind Sarah Hoover’s re-election campaign. Please join me in supporting her on August 2nd to make your voice heard, thereby standing up for fiscal responsibility in every corner of Jasper County.

Article on Audit findings: