The more I research, and the more I find out that we were lied to… THE MORE ANGRY I BECOME THAT I SUPPORTED WILLIAM BILL WHITE IN THE LAST ELECTION.


Did Bill White really support  an Amendment that would force children to share restrooms and locker rooms with members of the opposite sex? Force my daughter to dress and shower with men? As a father, I am angry and disgusted! It was noted that it could also force faith based businesses to violate their faith or face legal consequence and ramifications!

The Pathway reported how this so-called Equality Act Amendment that Bill White voted for…

“If passed it could force children to share restrooms and locker rooms with persons of the opposite sex – even those that are transgendered. It also could force faith-based institutions like the Missouri Baptist Convention’s three universities, The Baptist Home and the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home (MBCH) to house and hire LGBTQ people. It could force the MBCH to place foster care children with homosexuals and require it to honor homosexual adoptions. It also would eliminate religious liberty protection for business owners who want to run their businesses according to their faith.

Here is how the Senate drama unfolded. Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, offered an amendment to a bill that had nothing to do with homosexuality. Razer then introduced his Equality Act amendment to Moon’s amendment. Eleven Republicans voted with 10 Democrats to approve Razer’s amendment. Moon, a conservative and member of High Street Baptist Church in Springfield, then withdrew his amendment, thus killing the vote on Razer’s. Had Moon not acted the measure would have passed and gone to the House of Representatives, where a similar measure failed earlier in the legislative session.

Five of the 11 Senate Republicans who voted for Razer’s amendment also supported an earlier effort by Razer to pass the measure. They included:

• Caleb Rowden of Columbia

• Lincoln Hough of Springfield

• Bill White of Joplin

• Dan Hegeman of Cosby

• Jason Bean of Poplar Bluff

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