By: Brian Evans

American Billionaire and CEO of Blackrock [Larry] Fink stated that capitalism has the power to shape society and act as a powerful catalyst to change.  

It’s ironic, coming from someone who has been promoting globalism, woke ideology, and ESG standards throughout American businesses and our economy!

What he really means is ‘CORPORATISM has the power to shape society and act as a powerful catalyst to change’. 

 After all, how would free market capitalism, a decentralized approach, have the power to shape society? Perhaps that is why they so strongly oppose Capitalism in its purest form, and are working in unison with D.C. Political and Corporate Elitists to target, strike, and destroy American Small Businesses, Farms… aka… the little guy! 

Perhaps that is why they are using corporate banks to defund pro-2nd Amendment rights, 1st Amendment rights for free speech, as well as Conservative, and Christian small businesses! 

Perhaps that explains why PayPal and Vanguard Financial Corporations are the biggest investors in the corrupt and woke Blackrock Financial Group!

Perhaps that is why Scott Fitzpatrick helped Missouri to pull $500 Million from Blackrock!

Perhaps that is why these corporations worked tirelessly with the government during COVID-19, to systematically shut down small businesses and shift those locally owned stores profits to global corporations!

It is high time that we put the people of Joplin First! It is time that we put Joplin workers as a priority! It is time that we put Joplin Small Businesses first, and stop catering to Corporate America with Millions in tax breaks, such as giving Casey’s new Distribution Center a 20 year tax break worth Millions, all while giving our local small businesses the responsibility of shouldering Corporate’s tax burden, and tons of red tape to get started! 

It is high time OUR ELECTED LEADERS put locally owned small businesses FIRST!