By: Brian Evans

Many have asked me to expound on my concerns over Missouri’s Amendment 3, and how it can infect schools throughout Missouri! Therefore, to gain insight into my concerns… let’s reflect on the history of ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’, as well as, how ‘Chief Equity Officers’ are used to corrupt and destroy our freedoms, our children, and ultimatelyAmerica’s Constitutional Republic!

To begin, lets begin by looking at the business world of today. Sadly, Corporate America has become a puppet for the radical left-wing agenda in America, leading to a nation that puts Corporate America over American owned Small Businesses… which are the backbone of our communities, and nation!

Regardless, today we see Corporations killing their own bottom line… attacking their primary customers, and justifying it by claiming it is in the name of fighting against “systemic racism” and fighting for “equity,” and not equality!

Some examples of companies using radical left-wing ideology to attack their customer base includes when Gillette attacked men… stating masculinity is toxic! Coca-Cola, Tech Companies and countless other Corporations bashed white people, especially white men… pushing Critical Race Theory with their employees, creating division amongst races, hate, and bitterness!

The so-called “Woke” corporations throughout this nation and overseas, even went to the extreme of using “DEI” to erase Native American and Black American images from trademarks, such as when Aunt Jemima was effectively erased from their packaging… which seems discriminatory in and of itself, against black Americans!

Meanwhile, Companies like American Airlines, Netflix, General Motors, BlackRock, and Amazon signed a letter calling election integrity bills “discriminatory,” as they funnelled money to left-wing politicians and causes!

Nike, Facebook, General Mills, IBM, Pfizer, Google, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Target, Uber, and Verizon, among many others, all signed a letter opposing legislative efforts to keep biological men from competing in women’s sports, effectively turning against, and discriminating against women and young girls… in the name of ‘equity’!

Ultimately, these companies have effectively become mouthpieces for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in recent years.

Therefore, how did the radical left take over Corporate America? Sadly, it began with their companies allowing the installation of a “Chief Equity Officer” to govern their companies Human Resource Departments, which led to the radicalization of their companies. It had more to do with installing radicals… than equality amongst their employees!

Now, we see “Chief Equity Officers” being placed in government institutions and schools, leading to School Boards submitting to the radical left-wing agenda, rather than educating our children or being accountable to the voters or parents! We see them pushing transgender drag shows on our children, in their attempt to pervert and corrupt the minds of our youth!

Therefore, with Amendment 3 pushing for the installation of a ‘Chief Equity Officer’ to oversee marijuana businesses throughout the state, it creates a serious issue for ‘We the People’! If it passes, it sets a slippery slope that allows radicalism to begin spreading like a virus throughout Missouri, much like it has in New York, Virginia, Washington, Oregan, California, and other left-wing controlled States!

Amendment 3  campaign affiliate Empower Missouri’s Executive Director Mallory Rausch is on record stating that Amendment 3 is… 

“A very small stepping stone on a path to a much larger piece of legislation.” 

Therefore, this is just a beginning step for them in dividing Missouri, eroding away our values, and leading our state towards becoming another California or New York!

Meanwhile, radical left-wing organizations like the NEA will be empowered to use this Amendment, which will become a permanent part of our State Constitution to push for a ‘Chief Equity Officer’ and other left-wing ‘DEI’ agenda items in our schools, which have nothing to do with equality amongst races and genders, but instead is about promoting and pushing progressing their radical agendas on our youth!

Even more concerning is the fact that the ‘Chief Equity Officer’ position would not be accountable to ‘We the People’, or any of our elected representatives, giving them a green light to be unopposed and unhindered in their massive expansion of left-wing ideals that have led our nation into a massive economic decline, given free reign to illegal aliens and drug cartels, push ‘defund the Police’ initiatives throughout the state, make our neighborhoods, streets, cities, and state more dangerous, and all as they fill our communities with drugs, massive homelessness, depression, mental illensses, suicide, and so much more!

This Amendment is a slippery slope, which gives radical left-wing Progressives a foothold in our communities to destroy America from within. Sadly, if it passes, Democrat opponents even point out how it will be next to impossible to right the wrongs that it mandates upon ‘We the People’! It isn’t even accountable to those we elect in the Missouri legislator, or in the Governor’s office!

Therefore, be sure to Vote No for Amendment 3, and make those pushing for this insane  Amendment go back and write a clean bill, if they want recreational marijuana to be legal in the State of Missouri!

Sadly, with CEOs and some School Boards in their grasp, State’s are their final steppings stone, before the radical left can offically take over America.